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Just had a live chat session with Motorola support - the H just means I am using a 3G/4G network connection rather than Wi-Fi. I think it keeps dropping the Wi-Fi connection at my home because the signal is crap. She did describe how to use the Power Control widget to quickly switch Wi-Fi on and off which may be useful. Do you have any questions on the meaning of notification icons on Samsung Galaxy S5? If you have any questions on the meaning of notification icons on Samsung Galaxy S5, please let us know it in the comment box below. More how-to guides , tips and tricks for using Samsung Galaxy S5 are available at Samsung Galaxy S5 how-to guides page.
Can’t receive calls on Samsung smartphone. Incoming calls going straight to voicemail. Not receiving calls on Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy Rugby, Samsung Galaxy Neo or more. For Samsung Galaxy S5 and newer, including Galaxy S6 click here. Dec 01, 2019 · Solved Samsung Galaxy S8+ Drops Wi-Fi Connection After Android Oreo Update ... (orange wifi symbol blinking in the middle of the screen) of 2 minutes or less probably 20 to 30 times a day and ...

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You can place calls from your Samsung Galaxy S7 over an available Wi-Fi network with the Wi-Fi calling feature. The feature is handy if you’re in a place with Wi-Fi and no voice signal. Enable or disable the feature with these steps. From the Home screen, select “Apps“, then choose “Settings“. Select “Advanced calling“. missing icons in samsung galaxy y duo web viewer ... Wireless and Network Settings on Your Samsung Galaxy ... Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 from Vodafone, Orange ...
xda-developers Samsung Galaxy S7 Samsung Galaxy S7 Questions & Answers EE wifi calling on S7 - G930F. It ... an icon of the WiFi signal being cradled by a phone icon ... Samsung Galaxy S4 review . Rather surprisingly, we found the Samsung Galaxy S4 beset by quite a few lag issues and operational glitches the more we used it. The quad-core processor and updated software certainly work hard to keep the experience as smooth as possible, but there are hiccups.

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One of the nice features of cellular phones, like the Samsung Galaxy S 5, is that the phone keeps a record of the calls that you’ve made and received. Sure, you might have caller ID on your landline at home or work, but most landline phones don’t keep track of who you called. Cellphones, on the ... Mar 30, 2017 · (We first reviewed the Samsung Gear S3 in December 2016. With a host of new features added since then and having spent more time with it, we've returned back to our review to factor in all the big ... Jul 09, 2013 · The Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone has a lot of features, options, and settings. Surely you’ve seen an odd icon appear in your notification bar up top and wondered what exactly it was. Plus if you ...

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Find out how to set up WiFi Calling on your Samsung phone by making sure you’re connected to a WiFi network and then turning on the correct setting. Galaxy Watch. Samsung Galaxy S6 or later for initializing the network, SIM card for use on primary phone line. WiFi Network connection. EID Number or eSIM (can be found on watch box or by navigating to Settings>About Watch>Device Information) Connect both devices to WiFi network; for the watch, this can be found at Settings>Connections>WiFi
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