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Important. Please note that this form must not be used to send payment or stock market orders, applications to open an account, change of address details, or for any other operations. On this day in 1855 the American adventurer William Walker, with an entourage of around sixty men, left to conquer Nicaragua. Walker is well known for these ‘filibustering’ missions where private armies tried to claim Latin American countries for themselves and establish colonies.
1855: The USA adventurer William Walker conquers Nicaragua and appoints himself president Nov 1855 : Alvarez enters Mexico City as the new president and forms a government that includes the liberals Benito Juarez, Miguel Lerdo, Jose-Maria Iglesias and Melchor Ocampo León was the capital of the Spanish province and of the Republic of Nicaragua until 1855, although its great political and commercial rival, Granada, long disputed the honour. The rivalry brought on civil wars that resulted in the coming of William Walker, the American filibuster, who was expelled in 1857.

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Nel 1855 Courbet espone le sue opere più importanti in una sede da lui stesso allestita, il Padiglione del Realismo. In quell’occasione pubblica un testo in cui spiega le sue scelte artistiche: dichiara di voler fare un’arte viva, attuale, che sia efficace espressione del suo tempo. Origen de Nicaragua. Para poder conocer correctamente la historia y origen de Nicaragua, lo primero que hay que hacer es observar su situación geográfica y cómo es. Nicaragua debe su nombre a la tribu amerindia de los nicaraos, que habitaban el territorio antes de la llegada de los españoles (ver historia de España).
The overall pace of accumulation of human capital in Nicaragua has been slow and with significant heterogeneity—for instance, among the 25-39 age group 80% has only primary education or less, and this is even higher in rural areas, while 9% has at least some tertiary education, which is close to Costa Rica and 3 percentage points behind Panama. The Acahualinca footprints, dating back 6,000 years, are the oldest proof of human activity at the Managua area. The city was never of great importance, until Managua became Nicaragua's capital in 1855 to end a struggle between León and Granada. The city has known wealth and luxury, as well as disasters that almost completely ruined the city. Managua, on the southern shore of Lake Managua, became the capital of Nicaragua in 1858 as a compromise between liberal Leon to the north-west and conservative Grenada to the south-east. Managua was destroyed by earthquakes in 1931 and again in 1972 and further damaged during the 1978-79 revolution.

Apr 19, 1985 · The Nicaraguan conflict has dominated the public debate in the capital this week, a swirling political storm set off by President Reagan's request for Congress to approve $14 million in new aid to ... On January 2, 1933, the 5th Marine Regiment, United States Marines Corps, withdrew from Nicaragua. It trained and left behind a powerful National Guard in a country beset by struggle between liberal and conservative forces centered respectively in the cities of León and Granada.
Carl Friedrich Gauss (1777-1855) German mathematician, astronomer and physicist with a very wide range of contributions: Sextant, Nautical instrument The instrument was used to determine the position of a ship based on the position of celestial bodies, such as the moon or the sun: 20 Marks : Anna (Annette) von Droste-Hülshoff (1797-1848)

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In 1855 an American Adventurer called William Walker seized power in Nicaragua and in 1856 he declared himself president. However he was driven out in 1857. In 1893 a man named Jose Santos Zelaya made himself dictator of Nicaragua. In 1909 there was a rebellion and Zelaya was forced to resign. In 1912 the USA sent marines to occupy Nicaragua.
The American delegation's Nicaragua plan was introduced by Aniceto García Menocal. Cuban by birth, Menocal was a civilian engineer assigned to the Grant surveys in Nicaragua and Panama by Admiral Ammen. The well organized and persuasive presentation by the Americans very nearly upset de Lesseps' carefully orchestrated plans.